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This LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process website is unique. Although you will find piecemeal information on the project lifecycle on many websites, very few have a complete model for how to define your IT Development project lifecycle. None of them are as comprehensive, yet as easily understandable as LifecycleStep. The content on this website can be used as a reference for individual company employees for use on individual project teams.  

Question: Why is this valuable content available for free?

Answer: It is the desire of TenStep to make this material available freely to as many individuals as possible, so their organizations will see the value of purchasing a license for widespread use. TenStep also encourages individuals to license the LifecycleStep process for use on their assignments.

The content on this website can be copied and utilized by individual readers at no cost, except as follows:

  • The content may not be republished without the expressed permission of TenStep, Inc., except in accordance with "fair-use" provisions.

  • A license is required to utilize any aspects of LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process on a company-wide or organization-wide basis.

  • A license is required for third party providers and consultants to utilize the LifecycleStep process on an engagement for another company.

  • An individual or company must purchase a license to use the LifecycleStep content directly or indirectly to generate revenue or profit.  For instance, a license is needed in the following instances.

    • The content is used by a trainer for classes where a fee is charged.

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    • The content is used by an independent consultant on an assignment when he or she is being paid a fee.

    • The content is used by a consulting firm as the basis for training their employees or as the basis of a consulting engagement.

    • The content is used by an individual or company that wants to repackage and resell the material.

Licenses are inexpensive, and are scalable to meet the needs of small, medium and large companies. In addition to the content you can see, licensed users also have access to the additional lifecycle models, templates and sample schedules. See the LifecycleStep Licenses page for more details.

The content on this website is copyright protected with the United States Copyright Office. Companies or organizations utilizing this material in violation of these terms and conditions are subject to penalties and damages of up to $100,000 USD, in accordance with United States of America copyright laws. If there are any questions regarding fair use of the material on this website, please contact TenStep, Inc. at info@TenStep.com

There is no explicit or implicit guarantee or warranty associated with this process or the material contained on this website. The LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process reflects best practices and the accumulated wisdom of the author.

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